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Colores de Mexico

Mexican folklore portrayed only in their brightest and vivid colors.
Paintings and handicrafts to explore the colorful culture with a personal touch of cuteness.

This project is mostly for the Japanese audience, aiming to the local markets and events to share with Japan the Mexican culture.

Shin (しん) is a little fox who left his life in the forest to come to know the human japanese lifestyle in the city, he has a curious personality, likes to try different foods and discover new places.


Enjoy moments full of magic with Peony, a little apprentice of witch that along with her companion: a cute cat named Dianthus, and her friends, will spend many daily adventures to become powerful wizards!


Illustrated book that share the hidden world of Maidens hearts, from a little piece of memory or a line in grief, they will tell their stories.
The art is based by the aesthetics of elegant old times.


A project inspired by Tokyo sky and backgrounds of 90s japanese animation, the perfect mixup of kawaii culture and melancholy. 
Traditional media: Acrylic on canvas.

Inspired for japanese lolita fashion and Marie Antoinette, this project of handmade hats is made to wear with proud your truth self.
A batch is  made to sell every few months.


Lolita Fashion was the main idea on these dresses for personal use, they were never for sale but a blog was made to share these designs, photoshoots and sewing tips.


About the Artist

"Acrylic colors with a touch of Melancholy, cute details and tender memories illustrated trough colorful little paintings to share with the world.

Always with traditional techniques these little paintings are an expression of happiness."

Gloria Copetillo: the creator of Copetillo Arts is a traditional Illustrator currently living in Japan, her work is mainly inspired in kawaii culture, pastel colors, magic themes and Mexican folklore, always with traditional techniques like copic markers, watercolors, acrylic pencil and ink.

You can find the illustrations being accompanied by poems or stories such as in her first book published in 2018 "Otome Secrets" with melancholic stories inspired in japanese lolita fashion and antique lifestyle, The "kawaii" style is one of her favorites, you can find this style in projects like Peony Moon or Shin the fox.

Copetillo arts work have been presented  in galleries in Tokyo and at events related to Japan culture around the world.